Finance Quickie Friday 2/7/2020

The FI Command Center

Do you have a command center? What exactly is a “command center?”

A command center is a place to keep track of daily/weekly/monthly notes and details. The command center is usually placed in a high traffic area where the household can refer to it multiple times as needed. Some opt for their command center to be placed on or near the fridge, others near a doorway where the family comes in and out.

A command center helps (obviously) center ideas, thoughts and business for the week. It is a great resource as a reminder for meal plans, appointments, upcoming events, and to keep ahead of those “busy times.”

The best part of command centers are they are very customizable. They can be as cheap or as expensive as possible. They can be for an individual, a couple, a family, a group of roommates. They can benefit anyone. They can be as simple or detailed as possible. What makes sense for one household may not make sense for another. My personal command center focuses on my FI journey, to-do list, multiple calendars etc.