Finance quickie Friday 1/31/2020

What is Burnout?

There is a point in Financial Independence (FI) where people start to feel burned out. One of the main counterarguments to FI is the You Only Live Once retort. For some, they are all in with FI that the goal is to save every single penny to get to financial independence and retire early as soon as humanly possible in their situation.

Some can feel this burning out in the debt paydown phase while working side jobs to the extreme and feel physically and emotionally burned out. Some work a job they can’t stand for a higher income to achieve FI and RE (retire early). Some just hit the “boring middle” of FI where the only goal is to reach financial independence, but they are in financial “autopilot” where the goal is FI but they are unsure of the “next steps.”

To avoid burnout shift from optimizing your journey to FI, optimize your life for happiness. Focus on shifting into the FI lifestyle you want (if you haven’t already). Let your foot off the gas pedal so to speak. When you start to feel burnout, try slowly adding in some instant gratification (slowly and intentionally of course) and reward yourself for a job well done. Don’t start living your FI life when you reach FI, start living your FI life on the way to FI.