Q4 2019 Net Worth Report

So this is the first report since I switched over to quarters. My gains seem much larger than monthly and I think I prefer this format. Let’s dive into the numbers:

My HSA had the most growth this quarter (since it has the most being contributed to it overall). I also added over $200 over 3 months to my IRA’s. I would like to start boosting this up to about $100 a month between the 2 IRAs. My 401k (Wells Fargo) is slowly climbing. Next report will see a larger increase because it will be my first report with the employer match added. I’ve also increased my student loan payment to over $333 per month, because I really want to knock out my student loans in the next 5-6 years. (December 2025 or sooner)

It may be a bit difficult to see, but my net worth is now under $-10K and is inching closer to less than $15K. I plan to be at a positive net worth by Dec 2020 or sooner. (I estimated about $5K positive without any market growth, just contributions and debt payoff).

And my debt payoff over the quarter. Almost $2K in 3 months. Woot woot! I love how the quarters make the progress look larger. Until the end of Q1, See you in 2020!