#Financial Freedom Weekend

Financial Freedom, Saving $$$ Always Learning

It started off as a silly hashtag but developed into an actual Financial Freedom weekend.

I picked up my groceries from Kroger (taking advantage of the pickup fee being waived) I went home and put groceries away. However, I ended up returning chicken that didn’t ring up in the correct unit price and returned some low-quality hamburger that was on sale. Since I had enough groceries to last me through the week (yay Wednesday paydays!) I decided not to replace them.

Returning home, I popped in my $2.10 pizza (after digital coupon) and enjoy the Playing with FIRE documentary for free (for the 9th time or so) and ended the night. Enter part 2…


Coffee Chatter! What’s better than getting together with the local group for some free tea or coffee at IKEA and talking about money! Since I already ate breakfast before I came, I had my socializing in and $0.00 spent. #moneywin I was also able to price some ideas for organization around the home, since I was already at IKEA, I saved some time as well and got some ideas.

For lunch, one of the group members offered to buy me Chick-Fil-A since they accumulated so many rewards points. Free breakfast and free lunch? Hell yeah. I ended out my Saturday walking to Dollar Tree for some cleaning supplies (on the budgeted list) and by cooking a large pot of chili that I split up into roughly 7 different meals. #batchcooking Enter part 3…

Chick-Fil-A for $0.00
Freezer full of Chili

Sunday started the morning with an homage to the Playing with FIRE documentary and my version of breakfast tacos. The afternoon involved working on my book before socializing, opting out of the parking garage and walking to the library from the side street, and bringing my water bottle instead of buying coffee. I wanted to save a few dollars since I was planning on joining the after-meeting group for dinner.

Breakfast Tacos

I ended up skipping dinner and saving the budgeted $20 for the next dinner excursion. An entire #financialfreedom weekend and I only ended up spending less than $4! (Outside of groceries but still ended up spending even less than planned).