7 Patterns of the Insanely Successful

1.  Successful people are givers. They are generous. They enjoy sharing things such as knowledge, money, success stories, personal stories, smiling. They are able to give not only financially, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

2. Successful people are planners. They have Plan A, B, and C. They budget and manage their entire life. Their time, their money, their leisure, they plan. Successful people are great planners.

3. Successful people help others. They give back to others. They are charitable, and use their resources for the greater good, knowing they are in a position to help others on a grand scale that sometimes others aren’t able to.

4. Successful people are always learning. Personal growth is one of their biggest motivators. They learn from their mistakes. Some successful people say that they don’t fail, because they learn from their experiences, and that failure only happens when a refusal to learn occurs. Successful people understand the importance of personal growth.

5. Successful people understand compound growth (interest).  Compounding growth is a successful person’s greatest asset or worst enemy. Before taking on student loans, many students do not understand compound interest (I didn’t when I took out my student loans and it definitely has halted my path to success).

6. Successful people are passionate. Yes, many successful use charities for tax efficiency purposes. But the causes vary on a personal level. Successful people are usually driven by something earlier in their life that drives to be successful or make a change in something in their life.

7. Successful people are balanced. Successful people manage their time and money. They also manage multiple aspects of their life including their health. Many successful people follow some spiritual direction, which varies by individual.